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Jura Rum Cask Finish (40% ABV)

Jura Rum Cask Finish: An Island Odyssey of Malt and Molasses

From the mystical shores of Jura, where legends roam free and the sea whispers secrets, comes a whisky that marries Scottish character with Caribbean flair: Jura Rum Cask Finish. This intriguing expression, with its dance of malt and molasses, is a voyage of flavor and fusion.

Origin: The Jura distillery, cradled amidst the rugged beauty of the Inner Hebrides, has long been celebrated for its innovative spirit. With the Rum Cask Finish, they've ventured beyond their shores, embracing the warm embrace of Caribbean rum barrels.

Nose: A captivating bouquet of tropical fruits, particularly ripe bananas and mangoes, mingles with notes of honey, toffee, and a touch of sea brine. Undertones of oak and hints of spice add warmth and complexity.

Palate: Smooth and exotic, it unfolds with flavors of caramelized brown sugar, ripe berries, and a hint of citrus zest. The rum cask influence is unmistakable, bringing forth nuances of coconut, vanilla, and a touch of toasted almonds.

Finish: Long, sweet, and with a hint of island warmth. It leaves behind traces of spiced molasses, a touch of salted caramel, and the gentle embrace of malted barley.

Perfect For: Moments of exploration and wonder. Whether you're sharing tales of island adventures, basking in the glow of a sunset, or simply journeying through flavors, Jura Rum Cask Finish promises to transport you.

Final Thoughts: Jura Rum Cask Finish is a beautiful blend of two worlds, capturing the essence of the Scottish isles and the spirit of the Caribbean.

It offers a taste that's both familiar and exotic, inviting the drinker to set sail on a sensory adventure.

To the rhythms of the waves, the allure of distant shores, and the stories they inspire,

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