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Jack Daniels Apple (35% ABV)

Jack Daniel's Apple: A Tennessee Twist with Orchard Charm

From the rolling hills of Lynchburg, where charcoal mellowing is an art and time-honored traditions reign supreme, emerges a spirit with a fresh take on a classic: Jack Daniel's Apple. This enticing blend of the iconic Tennessee whiskey with luscious apple liqueur is a celebration of innovation and heritage.

Origin: The Jack Daniel's distillery, an emblem of American whiskey craftsmanship, has consistently pushed the boundaries while staying true to its roots. With the Apple variant, they've infused the time-tested character of Jack Daniel's with the vibrant essence of green apples.

Nose: A vibrant burst of crisp green apples, complemented by the familiar notes of caramel, toasted oak, and a hint of vanilla. Undertones of cinnamon and clove add warmth and depth.

Palate: Smooth and refreshing, it unfolds with flavors of juicy apples, toffee, and a touch of almond. The signature Jack Daniel's character ensures a harmonious balance, with nuances of sweet corn, malt, and a hint of smoke.

Finish: Clean, fruity, and with a delightful sweetness. It leaves behind traces of apple pie, a touch of caramel, and the gentle warmth of Tennessee whiskey.

Perfect For: Fun-filled gatherings and lively celebrations. Whether you're enjoying a backyard barbecue, dancing the night away, or simply toasting good times with friends, Jack Daniel's Apple promises to add a splash of excitement.

Final Thoughts: Jack Daniel's Apple stands as a testament to the brand's ability to innovate while honoring tradition.

It offers a taste that's both familiar and refreshing, capturing the essence of Lynchburg and the vibrancy of orchards in every sip.

To the classics we cherish and the flavors we explore,

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