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Highland Park 12 Year Old (40% ABV)

Highland Park 12 Year Old: A Viking Soul with a Scottish Heart

From the windswept shores of Orkney, where ancient stones whisper tales of Vikings and the Northern Lights paint the sky, emerges a whisky steeped in lore and legend: the Highland Park 12 Year Old. This dram, with its fusion of Norse heritage and Scottish craftsmanship, is a voyage through time and terroir.

Origin: The Highland Park distillery, nestled amidst the rugged beauty of Orkney, has long been a beacon of tradition and authenticity. Their 12-year-old expression, often referred to as the heart of their range, encapsulates the spirit of the islands and their Viking legacy.

Nose: A delicate blend of heather honey, aromatic peat smoke, and a touch of sherry greets the senses. Undertones of dried fruits, particularly raisins and sultanas, mingle with hints of warm spices.

Palate: Rich and full-bodied, it unfolds with flavors of dark chocolate, stewed fruits, and a hint of winter spice. The Orkney peat makes its presence known, offering a unique smokiness that's both sweet and aromatic.

Finish: Long, smoky, and with a touch of maritime saltiness. It leaves behind traces of aged oak, a hint of vanilla sweetness, and the evocative warmth of the islands.

Perfect For: Moments of introspection and adventure. Whether you're reminiscing about voyages of old, planning a journey to the Northern realms, or simply savoring the mysteries of the night sky, the Highland Park 12 Year Old promises to be a worthy companion.

Final Thoughts: The Highland Park 12 Year Old is more than just a whisky; it's a tale of two cultures, a blend of Norse bravery and Scottish artistry.

It offers a taste that's both timeless and unique, inviting the drinker to explore the boundaries of history and imagination.

To the sagas of old, the spirit of the islands, and the adventures yet to come,

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