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Paddy Irish Whiskey (40% ABV)

Paddy Irish Whiskey (40% ABV)

Originating from the heart of Cork, Paddy Irish Whiskey is a tribute to Ireland's age-old whiskey-making tradition. Named after the legendary sales representative, Paddy Flaherty, who was famed for his genial nature, this blend exudes a certain warmth and charm characteristic of the Emerald Isle.

Appearance: Soft golden straw.

Nose: Fresh and light, with gentle notes of green apples, vanilla cream, and a touch of honeyed grain.

Palate: Delicately smooth with a mélange of sweet malt, buttery biscuits, and hints of ripe banana, complemented by subtle peppery undertones.

Finish: Short to medium, clean, and crisp, with a sweet, slightly oaky resonance.

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