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Jura Single Malt French Oak (42% ABV)

Jura Single Malt French Oak (42% ABV)

Experience the sublime fusion of Scottish distillation and Gallic charm in Jura's French Oak Single Malt. Matured in oak casks sourced from France's most revered forests, this whiskey exudes sophistication. Notes of red berries, toasted almonds, and a whiff of spice intermingle, offering a sip that's as elegant as it is profound. A toast to Franco-Scottish camaraderie!

Appearance: Golden brown.

Nose: Aromatic vanilla, toasted almonds, and a hint of dried fruits.

Palate: Rich and oaky, with flavors of dark chocolate, spice, and a touch of dried berries.

Finish: Medium-long with the warmth of oak and spice.

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