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Glenglassaugh Evolution (50% ABV)

Glenglassaugh Evolution (50% ABV)

Evolution by name and nature, Glenglassaugh's offering is matured in ex-Tennessee whiskey barrels, granting it a vivacious and youthful character. Expect a burst of crisp apple, vanilla cream, and a hint of tropical fruit. There's a whisper of coastal salinity on the finish, making this a whisky that's ever-changing and always delightful.

Appearance: Pale straw, shimmering with youth.

Nose: Fresh notes of green apples, vanilla, and a touch of coastal salinity.

Palate: Medium-bodied and lively, flavors of lemon zest, barley, and a touch of sea spray emerge.

Finish: Medium, clean, and refreshing with a touch of oak.

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