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Glen Elgin Derestricted 10 YO Single Malt (59% ABV)

Glen Elgin Derestricted 10 YO Single Malt (59% ABV)

Hidden away in Speyside's verdant valleys is Glen Elgin, and their Derestricted 10-year-old is a bold statement of freedom and character. Lively notes of green apples, cut hay, and a hint of almond are harmoniously balanced with the creaminess of vanilla. It's a whisky that whispers tales of old while echoing a modern, unbridled spirit.

Appearance: Bright gold, shining with clarity and youth.

Nose: A mix of citrus zest, fresh apples, and a touch of floral notes, possibly heather.

Palate: Light to medium bodied, unveiling flavors of honeyed malt, ripe orchard fruits, and a sprinkle of vanilla.

Finish: Smooth and crisp, with a lingering note of lemony freshness.

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