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Elements Of Islay Sherry Cask (54.5% ABV)

Elements Of Islay Sherry Cask (54.5% ABV)

From the rugged coastline of Islay, the "Elements Of Islay" series continues to enchant, and this Sherry Cask edition is no exception. A manifestation of the island's rich whisky-making legacy, this expression has drawn deep from its sherry cask maturation, intertwining Islay's maritime spirit with the soul of sun-kissed Andalusian vineyards.

Appearance: Deep mahogany, testament to its sherry influence.

Nose: A harmonious blend of dark fruits, reminiscent of plum and fig, married with a hint of Islay's classic smoky allure.

Palate: Juicy sultanas and ripe cherries emerge upfront, followed by waves of seaweed, peat, and a touch of leather.

Finish: Long and luxurious, with lingering notes of dried fruit, salted caramel, and a gentle smoky finale.

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