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Duvel Distilled The Celebration (40% ABV)

Duvel Distilled The Celebration (40% ABV)

An exquisite ode to celebration, this whisky from Duvel Distilled is a testament to artistry and innovation. Crafted with patience and precision, it unveils a vibrant orchestra of citrus zest, white pepper, and a whisper of tropical fruit. The Celebration is not just a drink; it's an experience, a festivity in every glass.

Appearance: Clear with a faint golden shimmer.

Nose: Complex aromas of yeast, ripe fruits, and a touch of herbal nuances.

Palate: Unique and spirited, showcasing notes of baked bread, citrus zest, and a subtle graininess.

Finish: Medium, crisp, and refreshing, akin to a celebratory toast.

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