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Deanston 10 YO Red Wine Cask Finish (46.3% ABV)

Deanston 10 YO Red Wine Cask Finish (46.3% ABV)

A poetic embrace between Scottish spirit and grape-driven allure. Deanston's 10-year-old whisky, after a decade in traditional casks, dances its final steps in red wine barrels. The result? A marriage of honeyed maltiness and rich vinous undertones. It serenades with notes of ripe berries, creamy toffee, and a subtle hint of oak, finishing with a spicy flair that lingers on the palate.

Appearance: Golden with a rosy hue, mirroring its wine-finished journey.

Nose: Fruity aromas of raspberry and cherry are prominent, complemented by soft notes of honey and toasted nuts.

Palate: Silky and full-bodied, flavors of red fruit jam, malt, and a touch of dark chocolate emerge.

Finish: Warm and lingering, with subtle tannins and a touch of vanilla.

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