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Blair Athol 12 Year Old (43% ABV)

Blair Athol 12 Year Old (43% ABV)

Nestled in the picturesque town of Pitlochry, Blair Athol distillery has been crafting remarkable spirits since the 18th century, with this 12-year-old malt being a prime testament to their mastery. The whisky's character, influenced by the distillery's unique water source, the Allt Dour, is beautifully represented in this expression.

Appearance: Radiant amber with golden hues.

Nose: An inviting bouquet of malted barley, nutty undertones, and hints of freshly picked orchard fruits, complemented by a touch of heather honey.

Palate: Smooth and well-rounded, flavors of stewed apples, rich toffee, and a sprinkle of baking spices unfurl in the mouth, leading to subtle oak nuances.

Finish: Medium-length, with lingering notes of dark chocolate, a whisper of smoke, and dried fruit sweetness.

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