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Bladnoch Vinya (46.7% ABV)

Bladnoch Vinya (46.7% ABV)

Southern Scotland's pride, Bladnoch's Vinya, is a symphony of elegant contrasts. Subtle floral notes intertwine with bold citrus zest, while the cask's whisper offers hints of caramel and oak. A testament to Lowland distillery finesse, Vinya is a serene journey through Scotland's verdant pastures.

Appearance: A delicate sunlit gold, hinting at its refined nature.

Nose: Bright notes of fresh orchard fruits intermingled with hints of vanilla and soft oak.

Palate: Mellow and velvety, showcasing flavors of ripe peaches, honeyed malt, and a touch of citrus zest.

Finish: Medium length with a soft and gentle warming sensation.

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