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Aberlour Single Malt 10 Year Old (40% ABV)

Aberlour Single Malt 10 Year Old (40% ABV)

Dive into Speyside's heart with Aberlour 10 Year Old. A liquid tapestry of luscious dried fruits, tantalizing spices, and indulgent chocolate. This malt embodies Aberlour's artisanal essence, offering a sip that is both inviting to newcomers and satisfying to seasoned aficionados

Appearance: Deep amber-gold, with slow-moving, viscous legs.

Nose: A delightful balance of orchard fruits, particularly apple and pear, complemented by undertones of toffee and soft almond.

Palate: A delightful sweetness, dominated by malted barley, vanilla, and a touch of dried fruit. There's a softness to the texture, making it very approachable.

Finish: Moderately long, with a touch of spicy oak and a lingering sweet note.

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