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On Wednesday the 29th of November, we had our first Gin Thing at the Roadhouse.

A Celebration of Gin and a way to introduce our new Gin Menu.

We now have over 45 different Gins, from London Dry to Plymouth,

Contemporary Flavoured Gins with flavours of citrus, herbs, tea and spices,

or the New American (or International) Gins,

and their move away from the traditional juniper-heavy flavour profile.

45 different Gins is a good start, but... 100 sounds better.


So, this is the plan, every month we have a Gin Thing.

We will choose 5 new Gins to add to the List.

We have a little booklet, a Gin-Zine with info about each new Gin, space to make notes,

and a stamper card for each of the Gins so we don't have to drink all 5 new Gins on the night. 


All plans have a beginning, this is our start toward that 100 Gins goal

& Along the way Celebrating Great Gins.


We have set up a FaceBook & and Instagram page

please come over and join us there, and suggest a Gin we should put on the list.

Tell us about a Gin you tried before, we may put it on the list too.

45 different Gins is a good start, but... 100 sounds better.

We would love to have you join us on this journey, it could be fun.


Jazz / Lounge Piano... just saying.


Facebook/META.   &    Instagram 

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