SMODS say "is the latest in our stingo line up. We’re really happy with the results of this process where we put unhopped wort into our foeder and keep it at a warm temperature to encourage lactobacillus to ferment, producing a stingo sourness. With this stingo, we then dry hopped abundantly with Galaxy, Bravo and Idaho 7, which at these warm temperatures are still able to give massively fruity hop characters. We then allow the beer to cool, which allows regular yeasts and Brettanomyces to kick in, fermenting out very dry and adding a lot more aroma. Finally, we transferred the beer into stainless steel, adding yet more fruity hops and some sugar to kickstart a second fermentation. The result is a very pale, very dry, soft beer with tartness and a ton of hop character. It’s a lot like drinking an IPA, except it’s super zingy." Alc. 4.8% Vol.


St Mars of the Desert - Hop Stingo - DH Sour