German Christmas 5.6% ABV 

 Erdinger say" The taste of winter. With its delicately aromatic flavour, ERDINGER Schneeweisse is our special treat for the winter season. Velvety malt aromas and a hint of sweetness make this wheat beer so smooth. Its strong body is accompanied by delicate notes of red berries and nuts. Carbonic acid tingles gently on the tongue while mildly bitter hops add structure to the finish. A very palatable specialty for those who like a wheat beer with plenty of character!Whether alone by the fireside or in good company – Schneeweisse makes cosy fall and winter evenings a real treat. Schneeweisse is available from October to February.“Bayerische Edelreifung” – for perfect enjoyment.Brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law.


amber with a tinge of red; ivory-coloured head


velvety malt aromas, honey-sweet, of berries


rich malt flavour, spicy with delicate yeast notes, a little sweetness; hints of red berries, slightly nutty; subtly bitter hops


strong body, smoothly quaffable; very delicate carbonic acid; full of character


This product is past it's best before date, we at the roadhouse feel it's still fit for suppin', but we can't guarantee that this product is at it's brewer's perfection (hence the price!). 

Erdinger - Schneeweisse

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