8% ABV

Dugges say "Tastes like a sunshine infused orchard. Follow our journey as we tweak our way towards the perfect Double IPA. Step by step, beer by beer, on and on. Forever! This beer was supposed to be brewed in February of 2019. It wasn’t. The government shutdown in the United States ment we couldn’t get labels approved. We had to re-think. Now however, in May of 2019, the United States government isn’t shut down. Labels can be approved and, the beer can be brewed! When we export beer to the US from Sweden we only export beer that travels well. That means imperial stouts and sours. Still, we want people in the US to try our take on hoppy stuff as well. So, together with Twelve Percent Beer Project we’ve started to explore ways for us to brew these kinds of beers closer to where they’re enjoyed. We’ve had all the chats. We found a nice spot. And, now it’s time to get going. Sunshine Orchard is our first US brewed double IPA. We hope you like it!"

Dugges - Sunshine Orchard

  • Dugges