Champagne style 11.5% ABV

Brouwerij Bosteels Say"The Story, SUBTLETY IN A BOTTLE

Refreshing as an aperitif. As full of flavours and rich in aroma as a beer from heaven. That’s DeuS. A magnificent symbiosis between beer brewing and sparkling wine production. Ideal for surprising your guests as an unusual choice with the appetizers or to sublimate your fine-food starters.
DeuS – truly the sparkling divine made from barley.


Every single sparkling glass of DeuS is the result of a long and complex process, combining the best of two different production methods. The brew master brews the beer and does a first fermentation in Belgium. After its maturation, the brew of DeuS is sent to France where this wonderful brew made from barley will be transformed into a sparkling nectar, according to centuries-old technics.

The art of PouringDeuS is served in a classic flute glass. The glass needs to be picked up by the stem and tilted 45° and filled to generate a tight, white foam.The foam will dissipate due to the 11.5% ABV and the mouth of the glass will hold the complex aromas and accentuate the enjoyment of the unique flavours. Keep the opened bottle cold and sealed to maintain the carbonation."

Deus - Brut des Flandres

  • Brouwerij Bosteels