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Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey (40% ABV)

Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey (40% ABV)

Hailing from the venerable distilling grounds of Northern Ireland, Bushmills Original stands as a testament to over 400 years of whiskey-making tradition. This blend of fine single malt and grain whiskeys is a harmonious tribute to the ancient craft of Irish distillation.

Appearance: Pale gold, with crystal-clear clarity.

Nose: Delicate notes of fresh linen, vanilla, and hints of citrus, accompanied by a subtle undertone of toasted grain.

Palate: Smooth and light, flavors of honey, malted barley, and a touch of orchard fruits create a gentle sweetness that dances on the tongue.

Finish: Short to medium, clean, with a lingering hint of sweet spice and malt.

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